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10x20 Utility 7'wall Playhouse (D4613)

Item Number: 10x20 Utility 7'wall Playhouse (D4613)

Rent to Own: $457.64
Purchase Price: $9885

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Rent To Own Program
It is a courtesy program to make it possible for nearly anyone to have the shed that they need ASAP. We are not a bank and we have a separate affiliate that runs this program, so it is not like we control rates, etc. Let me lay out some key points so you understand the Old Hickory Program.
No Credit Check- Just I.D. to prove you are who you say you are.
Down payment- Just combined first/last month payment.
Does not cover onsite builds. Obviously, those are permanent.
We do not personally police your use and improvements to our sheds unless you default on your payments. However, if we have to repossess we take improvements, etc. Just understand what voids warranty.
Our payments are similar to storage unit payments with the exception that the shed is yours within the 36 mo. time period and your belongings are on your property. 6. We can only have one RTO per property
90 Days Same As Cash. If you pay off the RTO in the first 90 Days there is no finance charges. (Made for tax return purchases.)

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